“Can words and pictures capture an experience?” For me, this question is probably the most interesting because I find myself thinking about this often. Personally, I think it is possible to be able to capture an experience through words and pictures but never to the same extent as the experience was itself. For example, when something really funny happens and you’re there in person, you could be on the floor from laughter. However, if you were to try and tell an outsider what exactly went on, they could just look at you like you’re crazy and say it wasn’t funny at all. And I know almost everyone knows what I’m talking about here.

As far as the experience for this activity, I thought it was good for the class because it was something different than we usually do every Thursday. It also gave us the opportunity to look at places on campus differently than the ways we typically do. As far as not taking pictures in the library, I actually really liked it because it gave me an opportunity to not be on my phone and take in the experience with the class. I thought it was really crazy how everyone in the library kept looking at us and how we almost got kicked out. It was pretty cool being “rule breakers” but it was okay because it was technically a class activity. When we went over to the bookstore and were able to take pictures I noticed I wasn’t really focusing on the task at hand,  but instead trying to get enough pictures for this blog post. So overall, I preferred not taking pictures because I was able to watch the environment more closely and absorb the activity at hand.