For this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of getting to know Breezy a little bit better. Breezy is currently a second year here at Long Beach State and is majoring in fashion merchandizing. Originally, Breezy is from Los Alamitos and commutes to school everyday. She chose Long Beach because she wanted to be in a sorority and her parents wanted her living at home if that’s the decision she made. So she did, and she’s in Delta Gamma! Her favorite thing about going to school in Long Beach is the greek system because its so small and everyone seems to know everyone no matter what house you’re in. An interesting fact about Breezy is that she has three extra ribs, one extra on each side and one going up towards her collarbone. Overall, I really like talking to Breezy and I hope I can get to know her a little bit more as the semester continues.

Breezy Hastie:

image1 copy.JPG