Artist: Sean Joy

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Metals (Silver and Copper)

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: No art instagram and didn’t want to share personal instagram

About the Artist

Sean is a part of the CSULB School of Art’s metal program, and is currently working on her BFA. This was her first art show here at Long Beach State, where she is currently an undergrad and in her last semester! Originally, Sean is from Los Angeles but is currently living in Long Beach. Outside of art, Sean loves cats, reading, and even some gaming when she gets the opportunity. An interesting fact about her is she applied to Long Beach for creative writing, but after attending SOAR, she instantly changed her mind to studio art. However, it took her two years to decide that she wanted to go into metals instead of drawing and painting because it was something new she’s never done before. Also, Sean likes to put her humor into her artwork as much as she can.

Formal Analysis

In terms of media, Sean uses metals such as copper and silver. When first looking at her artwork as a whole, I didn’t see much correlation between them all. Each piece was very different from the next, and they all stood out on their own. Most of the artwork was very smooth in texture and very well executed. In terms of color, Sean didn’t want to add any extra color to her metals, so she kept it basic with the copper and silver.

Content Analysis

When speaking to Sean, it was very obvious that patience and perseverance where her big focuses when creating her exhibit. She said that in order to succeed in her kind of work, you must be patient, which I think applies to a lot of majors here at Long Beach. Sean also does that the materials she uses can be perfected into whatever she wants them to be or whatever she’s feeling in the moment. When talking about her artwork, she said that she was extremely happy that she worked and played hard!

My Experience

Overall, I really enjoyed looking at Sean’s work. It was very different from anything else I’ve seen thus far.  Besides the art, what really struck me the most was when she talked about how important patience and perseverance was in her path. When she started speaking about this, I immediately connected. Being a Chemistry major, it’s very hard to understand all the concepts on the first try. It takes so  much practice and perseverance to understand it and get it right. So even though Sean and I have completely different majors, there’s still that connection between the two.