Overall, making this video was pretty fun! Coming up with the idea came pretty fast, so all we had to do was act it out. So, in the beginning, Haley is my girlfriend and we’re coming from class and have to part ways because she wants to go take a nap and I have another class right after. After leaving, I go to my side-girl that I’ve been cheating on Haley with. But I end up leaving my jacket with Haley and in the process of returning it to me, she sees me with Annie, and catches me cheating on her. And the rest is history. Next time I make a video however, I want to familiarize myself with camera editing and be able to cut in and out from different shots to give it a better effect. In the end, I liked the outcome of the video and I really loved working with these two lovely ladies.

Haley Anderson: https://haleyandersonsite.wordpress.com

Annie Ronning: https://annieronning.wordpress.com