This week’s art experience was by far my favorite thus far! My guide for the walk was Maddy Braverman and I thought that she did an outstanding job. She made sure the whole group was included when leaving one place and going to the next, and she made sure to have conversations with all of us and was really fun to listen to. To start off, we walked to the CSULB art sculpture made of bushes, which I’ve never seen up close before so I thought that was really interesting. From there, instead of walking all the way to the Japanese Gardens, our group decided to take the school bus over there (which probably took us just as long as walking would have). Then, we had a nice time looking around the Japanese Gardens, which I have not also seen. Definitely a very beautiful place and will probably be making more stops there in the future. And lastly, we headed towards the pyramid. I’m literally always at the pyramid because I cheer for Long Beach so I was well aware of where it was and what goes on inside of it. However, it was great to see it as a class and to get a super fun picture of Annie in front of it! Overall, I really enjoyed the photowalk and was able to see a bunch of new things I’ve never seen at CSULB.