This week I had the pleasure of getting to know Jamie Filosa. Her current major right now is sociology and she’s pretty undecided on what profession she wants to go into after college. When speaking to her more personally, she’s obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland, and if she had to pick a place to die, it would be at Disneyland! Her hobbies include going to the beach, and watching Netflix, where she’s obsessed with watching Criminal Minds and SVU. Also, one of her pet peeves is when people bail out on her last minute. And lastly, one interesting fact about Jamie is she grew up in Connecticut and moved to California in middle school. And she used to have a New York accent but she doesn’t anymore. Overall, I really enjoyed getting to know Jamie more and she’s a super fun and nice person to be around!

Jamie Filosa: https://jamiefilosa.wordpress.comIMG_1968