I was actually able to meet Haley before beginning Art 110, but I thought this would be a really good experience to get to know more about her passions and things I already didn’t know about her. Haley is currently a second year at Cal State Long Beach.  She is a pre-nursing major and with this, she eventually wants to become a pediatric nurse practitioner. Something I found extremely interesting about Haley is that she became a certified cake decorator by taking a class at a near-by Joann’s. So if I need a cake frosted, I have a girl to go to! Haley’s biggest pet peeve is when someone is giving a speech and their mouth gets really dry and they have to keep clicking their mouth to search for saliva.   However, when getting to know Haley a little bit more in this short amount of time, I’ve realized how great of a person she has and blessed with an amazing personality. Can’t wait to see what other relationships form this semester!

Haley Anderson: https://haleyandersonsite.wordpress.com