For this week’s art experience we had to deal with Snapchat, which I was extremely excited about. What I like so much about Snapchat is there’s so many different things you can do to edit your photo. For example, you can add filters, geo-tags, emojis, and even draw right on the picture! This art experience is probably the most relevant to the students thus far because I’m sure most of the class uses snapchat on a daily basis to communicate with friends or just to watch each other’s snap stories. The first two pictures shown below are mine. The first one is me as an astronaut and the other is one of Joshua Vasquez’s pieces with a little extra added on. The third photo was made by Annie Ronning and its a surfer riding a nice wave. And last but not least is Haley Anderson drawn as a good-looking chola. Hope you enjoy these snaps as much as me!