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January 2016

Wk 2-Art Experience-Plaster Casting

I absolutely loved doing this project! It was at the place I love the most (the beach) and it was an experience I’ve had absolutely no experience in. Although I watched the videos posted on Beacharts, I was still pretty confused going into it. However, I was able to figure it out as I went along and I didn’t mind having such a beautiful view as I worked. My hand mold came out a lot better than I expected and it’s definitely something I’m willing to try again!


Wk 1-Art Experience-Landscape with a Corpse

The ocean has its moments of serenity and tranquility but an instant later it can become rough and rigid. And that’s what I love about it most. There’s depths to the ocean that we haven’t reached and animals we haven’t discovered. The mystery in the depths of the water is what makes it so beautiful and so different from anything else. So, even though drowning out in the middle of the ocean wouldn’t be the most peaceful way to go, I would be killed by my favorite thing produced by mother nature. Washed up onto shore, after a long struggle lost to the tide.

Intro to Me!

Hi Art 110! My name is Destiny Farihi and I’m a sophomore here at Long Beach State. As of right now, my major is chemistry (yikes, I know) and I plan on eventually going to pharmacy school and then becoming a pharmacist. A little bit about me is that I’m a cheerleader for Long
Beach State, I’m completely in love with going to the beach, my dogs are my best friends, and I’m always down for a good adventure! I’m taking Art 110 because I’ve always loved taking pictures and exploring how beautiful something can turn out through the lens of a camera. I’m extremely excited about this upcoming semester to see what amazing masterpieces we will all come up with. See you all in class!

Be Safe, Be Happy, Be Healthy,535136_1202409383134713_4677816699947445449_n

Destiny Farihi

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